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Safety & Threat Response

Free Risk Assessment

There is nothing more important than safety. That's why Verum provides free risk assessments to anybody who wants to understand their security risk.

We methodically walk through your entire premises and provide a list of areas of risk, what the potential liability is, and what we would recommend to address the issue

ALICE Certified Training

Does your business, church, or school have a plan in the event of an active shooter?

Many do not nor do they know the hefty liability they incur by not having a plan. Even places with a plan in place may have outdated methods that actually increase your risk during a shooting event.

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CPR & AED Training

Over 800 sudden cardiac arrests occur outside of the hospital EVERY DAY. Receiving proper CPR/AED aid in the first few minutes can triple the chances of surviving, however 70% of people don't feel comfortable providing aid.

Verum Technologies provides keyed, wireless key fob, and key pad entry doors to control access to your facility. 

Controlled Entry Access
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